Monday, 2 June 2014

Flora Women's Mini Marathon

Today I completed the Flora Women's Mini Marathon - a 10k through Dublin City. 

This was my second year doing the Marathon, having had the pleasure and company of two friends and my sister last year. But this time around I did it by myself. I was driven with the ambition of beating my time from last year (which I did), and raising money for charity.

Once again it was an incredibly uplifting occasion. Even though everyone was completing the event for different charities, there is still a sense of unity among those involved.
It brings women together, the biggest all women's event of it's kind in the world, and together we can fight. Whether it be the Cancer Research Charities, Children's Charities or Mental Health Services; Together we unite, raise awareness, and fight back.

'Every Step Makes A Difference' 

For the second year in a row I chose Pieta House to fundraise for. Pieta House specialises in the treatment and prevention of suicide and self-harm. There are six such centres opened in Ireland, with hopes to open more, including one in Cavan/Monaghan; my home region.
I didn't know much about Pieta House until two years ago when I got involved with a coffee morning in aid of the organisation in my college. I read their leaflet and was already impressed, but then I got chatting to a fellow student. He told me first hand of the work that they do, how they took him in and offered him the treatment he couldn't afford to receive otherwise. They saved his life. 

From looking at my blog you know that Mental Health is very close to my heart. But Pieta House offers the other side of the work that I do in raising awareness and breaking down stigma. Pieta House are there to offer the help and support to those who reach out for treatment. And the demand for their free therapeutic approach is ever increasing. 

The Mini Marathon may be over, but my fundraising, and general fundraising for Pieta House is still ongoing. Together we can fight mental illness and help those struggling receive the treatment they need. When it comes to mental health, therapy can save lives.

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