Thursday, 31 July 2014

Things I've Said Sorry For This Week

Inspired by this article on Buzzfeed '31 Things I've Apologized For' I realized that I ALWAYS apologise for the little things. Women apparently apologise more than men (who'd have guessed?), but more than that it's a 'subtle, self-defeating habit' to quote the author.

So following suit, I kept a record of all the times I've said sorry (when it wasn't my fault) over the past week:

  1. When a person walked into me
  2. When I walked past a person and made no contact with them
  3. Getting stuck in a dress and hanger in a shop
  4. To a sales assistant when I asked to pay by card instead of cash
  5. To my dog
  6. To my cat
  7. For feeling sick
  8. For BEING sick
  9. For laughing out loud in the cinema
  10. For not checking SnapChat in almost two weeks
  11. When I threw my pyjamas in for washing in for washing so I could wear my pretty new ones
  12. For reading my library books too quickly
  13. For not wearing a bra
I apologize too much. I really, really do. I don't mind that I apologise to my pets when I have to kick them out of the house, they have feelings too. But did the sales assistant REALLY care that I was using card instead of cash? Do I HAVE to apologise to my family just because I read a little bit too quickly compared to their standards?
The answer is NO. I don't have to, but I've just always been the person who will say sorry for walking into a table because it was a little bit embarrassing. I'm more saying sorry to myself in that situation than to the table (sorry table!). 

What I have learned from this exercise though is that saying 'sorry' could really be replaced by other phrases like, 'I'm afraid I'm feeling a bit sick' or 'I hope you didn't mind that I laughed out loud during the movie'. I overuse the word 'sorry'. Sorry about that. 

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