Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The importance of CONTACT

Busy, Busy, Busy

My life can be pretty hectic sometimes. Rushing from my part-time job, to my Internship, and then back to my part-time job - at times the only people I were seeing on a daily basis were staff and my housemates (also technically, staff), and maybe a bus driver here and there. I developed a pattern - wake, breakfast, bus to work, work, bus from work, dinner, make lunch, check emails, bed. With as many episodes of TV shows I can throw in-between.

I also have the difficulty of not being able to function without scheduling. I schedule everything from checking emails to what date my favourite TV shows are airing in my ridiculously over-sized diary. If you've ever seen it, you have probably made fun of me for having an A4 page-a-day diary. Quite simply though, it's because I can fill every page. I don't do spontaneity, which makes it difficult to see friends sometimes. 

Let's not forget that I also possess two separate to-do lists/prioritizer's in my room. On top of my use of other random pages to keep note of my ideas and lists... So... Many... Lists... 

The reality is that unless I write it down, it won't be done. Even what most people consider the basics - replying to a Facebook Message. A lot of the time I have to write a reminder in my diary to do it so I won't forget, or reply in the usual week-late way of apologising when I have...

To keep in touch with some of my friends and family I even started a Weekly Newsletter. (No, I was not kidding when I mentioned that to you...) Writing in my diary 'Newsletter' every Friday meant that every Friday I would sit down and write up an update on my life. Otherwise I really wouldn't have stayed in touch.

Because of this, it's basically taken me until now (two months later) to finally feel settled into my lifestyle, and dare I say it -  contented. Because that is how I currently feel - content.
(Apart from my use of the word 'Because' to start two sentences in a row.. I am NOT feeling very content about that...) 

And now I am finally able to take some evenings and some time off to socialise. Now, don't get excited for me. It's nothing major. I am not frequenting nightclubs and bars before rocking into work hungover. As you know, that was never really my style. I just like to be with my friends. 

So for the past few weeks I have been having teas and lunches and catch-up dates with people I hadn't seen in months. AND better then that, I have planned future dates as well!  
Please remember that when I use the word 'date' I mean a scheduled (because nothing happens in my life unless it is planned in my diary) meet-up. Last year I used the word 'date' on SnapChat when myself and Thelma went to the National Concert Hall. The amount of messages I received back wishing me 'Good Luck' or asking 'With who?' *insert shocked face* was a bit ridiculous... 

Now, sadly I do not possess the funds for regular socializing, but it was really nice to treat myself to food outside of the canteen for a change. Especially seen as I never go to work without my packed lunch. 

But the past week has really reminded me of how important it is to stay connected to the ones you care about. For so long I have just fallen out of touch with people, or felt I was too busy to see them, when in fact just spending an hour with a friend is a real boost to your self-esteem and general mental health. I feel better about myself, I feel that I am a better friend as well. Which is something I do often get down about (mainly because my friends are so supportive and awesome and set a very high standard of friendship!) Social contact is so important, but it has always been something I forget about because I like to think that I can function just fine on my own. Not true. My mood (which I thought was fine before) has perked up even more since, and it's also nice to have an excuse not to sit at home all day as well.

Don't get me wrong, I love being busy. I thrive on it, and I work better when I am. But I also love seeing my friends. And this week has been a reminder of that. 
It took me a while to adjust to graduate life, but I'm finally there. I am being good and scheduling future 'dates' as well, which not only gives me something to look forward to, but something to write in the diary as well!

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