Sunday, 11 January 2015

A Good Mental Health Week

Too often we reflect on the negative. Consumed by our fears, our sadness, the darkness.

But, I have had a good week. It may have been the first week back to work, and the first week in January, but the January Blues haven't hit me.
Instead, I've been happier than I have in weeks. I didn't notice until half way through the week. I was watching TV and it was funny and I started to laugh. Out loud. And that's not like me. Most of my feelings, the majority of the time, are kept locked up inside myself. I don't express, and I certainly don't do so by accident.

But it is good to acknowledge the differences between a 'down me' and a 'happy me', so here's  the little signs that my mental health has been good this past week:
When I'm down everything gets to me. Bad weather. Being delayed on my way home. Having no energy, which is both a side effect and a contributor of Depression.

So today I'm going to acknowledge that I'm okay. That I'm feeling good. And I'm going to celebrate it.

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