Friday, 16 January 2015

Feelgood Friday

I got this beautiful note card set for Christmas from my little sister.

Last weekend I decided to finally put it to use and wrote a card to my sister, detailing what I've been up to since I've last been home.
I talked about my new addiction to Netflix, seeing Dublin city from the mountains, how much I missed my pets.

And then came the reply! I love getting anything in the post as it is, but a little letter from your baby sister is probably the best post anyone can get.

It was a beautiful watercolour hand-made card full of news and updates on life at home, and how my beautiful pets are.

This from the same girl who made me an owl to hang up in my room Christmas 2013, made my other sister a felt elephant this year, and baked gingerbread cookies, chocolate biscuit cake and cookies for Christmas Day all by herself. She is most creative and independent ten year old in the world. 

And the wittiest. Can I side-track a little to tell you what she asked me one day when my father and I were discussing politics and Sinn Fein? She goes 'Oh, what's that Gerry up to now?'
She is far wiser than her years..

In a week when my mood has been up-and-down, I've been fighting off a cold and sore throat, it was the perfect pick-me-up and boost I needed to get through the last day of the week

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