Saturday, 31 January 2015

Last day of January

AGH, how is it February already? How has it been 4 weeks since Christmas? Why is my life flying by so quickly?

I think it's time to reflect on my Janaury:

- It obviously didn't get off to the best of starts as I crumbled under the pressure at Christmas

- I started keeping a Memory Jar. There are like, 3 things in it from this month (I think, checking would be cheating). But I really do miss writing in my Daily Book of Gratitude.

- Work has been going well.

- My dog welcomed me home with the hyper-ness of a child who gets to play in snow for the first time last week. She also licked my hand in return for me petting her. That always gives me the feels.   
- I've signed up for 10 weeks of Zumba classes.

But I've had a really good last week of the month. I've been socialising, and dining, and I'm learning to do things for myself. And for my last day of January I have a nice to-do list to finish off the month:

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