Friday, 2 January 2015

New Year, New Goals

Okay, so I have a Memories Jar to remind me of the best bits of my year. But in 2015 I also want to try settings goals; things I want to achieve in the year.
I've read a lot about Goal-Setting as a great tool when it comes to Mental Health with its motivational benefits, having targets and a clearer sense of focus, and ease of measuring achievements (not to mention the actual feelings of achievement.)
I started this goals list back in September - 23 things I want to try before I'm 23. (I found it on Pinterest, but no creater was linked to it so I'm sorry I haven't credited them!)

23 things I want to try before I'm 23
I've decided that out of sheer laziness this will also suffice as my New Year Goals list.

So far I have about 12 things on my list, with 7 completed in the past 4 months, and with only 7 months to go until I turn 23 I've really got to get a move on.
And okay, so I haven't really set big GOALS of 'I want to achieve this or that'. It's more about experiences and growing up! I have already in the past few months bought a pencil skirt, gotten a full-time job, and completed ASIST Training. All ticked off from my list.

That leaves me with tasks like 'Stop Biting My Nails' which I am forced to evaluate every single New Years, and 'Go To a Sushi Bar' because sushi.

But for the next 11 items on my list, I have no idea where to start?
Forward thinking scares me a little, and I'm starting to think accomplishing 7 things in the year might be enough...

But as unmotivated as I feel when my Depression hits me, the feeling of failure and wasting my time always hits me harder.

So I think items 13 - 23 on the list should focus on my mental health.

Maybe I can finally get around to finishing Alan Burns' 'The Feel Good Handbook'.

Spend more time with my friends rather than retreating to watch TV every evening. Even if it is amazing television.

Exercise more. When the weather gets better...

Bake as often as I can, because nice food AND a feeling of achievement cannot be overrated.

I guess if I sum up my Big Goal for 2015 is to better look after my mental health. And I like that idea.

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