Sunday, 8 February 2015

Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling

What a lovely weekend!

My mood is on top form after the past few days. On Friday night my wonderful work/housemates and I had our belated Christmas Dinner. We hit Tippenyaki in Rathmines, an Asian themed restaurant that brings the cooking right to you. Not only were we treated to amazing dishes (I went for prawns, salmon and shrimp!) but fantastic entertainment too. I cannot recommend this place enough. And I will more than happily go with anyone who's up for it!

On Saturday evening Dannii, Sarah and I indulged with some ice-cream/milkshakes and chats. It was a perfect and much needed low-key Saturday pick-me-up.

There's also been an 80's theme going on for me this weekend as I watched two classic films; Heathers and Beaches. Both of which are incredible. I have a real soft spot for 80's films and although I had no idea what to expect when it came to Heathers, it is worth a watch as it challenges popular perceptions of suicide amidst some amazing lines. (like the awesome quote that's now my post title!) Typical though, Zoe goes to watch a movie and it has a mental health theme. 

Today was about relaxing. So when I wasn't cozy under my fox blanket sipping countless cups of tea, I was out for a walk to make the most of the dry weather. 
Basically, I had a great weekend. And this must be the first Sunday night since long before Christmas where I feel totally rested and ready for Monday morning and the week ahead. 

So bring it on!

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