Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Depression is Quiet

This comic captures perfectly how I felt over Christmas. I'd been hiding my Depression for so long. Faining an 'I'm fine' while emotion after emotion were piling up unaddressed. And when I finally opened up and admitted that I wasn't okay I was greeted with support. It's incredible to think back to a time less than a month ago where everything felt different. I felt so alone. That nobody cared. And in reality I was surrounded by people who cared about me. I had just doubted how anybody could care when I couldn't even care for myself.

via Solar-Citrus

It really highlights the need to not let your depression be 'quiet'. To always listen to what's affecting you, and address these issues on time to protect yourself from collapse. That while things are still bearable, we should make an effort with self care before they become unbearable. Our mental health should be at the forefront every day in order to prevent the worst days.
That even when we feel unsupported, it's just your mental illness talking. Okay, so it might not always be friends or family there to support you, but it doesn't mean you're alone. There are countless online supports and helplines. There are people who you might not have felt incredibly close to who are the first to offer help. You are never truly alone, no matter how isolated you feel.
That ups and downs in the process of recovery are not only perfectly 'normal', but they are to be expected.

Depression is quiet. But you shouldn't be. Speaking about your mental health changes everything. Opening up is the first step to changing how you feel. Whether that be to a health care professional, your mum, your best friend, or the Samaritans, by talking it through you get help and assurance so that you never have to go through anything alone again.

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