Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A Comprehensive, but never Complete List

2014 highlights

Things to look forward to this year

In January I was not in the mindset to do a post like this. Every time I sat down in front of the computer to start it I thought, 'I have nothing to look forward to.' I felt completely stuck in a rut.

But now it's March. And two months on I realise that this is 100% not true. With the depressive cloud passed to clearer skies, I can finally see that. Getting out of that rut was the first step, and the next step is to focus on these positive things that I do have to look forward to. The plan? To create memories like these Polaroid snapshots of my 2014. (Yes, one of them is a selfie, but it was my first day in my big grown-up job, so it's okay, right?)

You see, sometimes I come to the conclusion that I'm young. And you're only young once. And I need to take some time to not only enjoy myself, but to realise that there are things worth enjoying.

So here's my pretty comprehensive, but never complete list of what I'm looking forward to this year:

- Spending the good weather sunbathing in Marley Park. 
- Watching my little baby kitten grow to become a big cat. 
- The Libertines gig with my sister where I get to see Pete Doherty and Carl Barat in the flesh. 
- Experiencing the Candlelight Bar in Dundrum. 
- Visiting Book Upstairs. 
- Ensuring the Marriage Equality Referendum is passed and all my friends can get married to whomever they choose. 
- Receiving letters from my beautiful pen pal Amy. 
- Whatever work may bring my way. (This one's very vague and I don't even care
- The Gaslight Anthem gig in The Olympia in June. 
- Autumn. I just love autumn. 
- And the return of Pumpkin Spice Latte's of course! 
- I have sneaky travel plans for next December that I'm yet to tell anyone about. 
- Turning 23. I feel 22 is a transitioning age. At 23 you're a proper grown-up. Sorry other 23 year olds that are yet to come to terms with this fact. 
- Blogging. It's been so much fun and it has put me in contact with an incredible amount of amazing people.So I'd like to keep that up, thanks. 
- My planned Hunger Games Marathon with Rach. 
- The last Hunger Games film. 
- Cooking my trademark Smoked Salmon Pasta again. Two years without it is too much time! 
- Visiting the Giant's Causeway . 
- Living in Dublin for the Summer. For the first time ever. (Hopefully/Possibly
- Seeing Avengers 2 in May. 
- Keith coming back from Spain to be my friend again. Hi Keith! 
- Finishing my Scrapbook. 
- Christmas Shopping. Because the only thing better than affording to buy nice things for yourself, is buying nice things for your friends and family. 
- Reading 'A Girl Is A Half Formed Thing'
- Adding more things to my list!

A happy (albeit squinty) Zoe

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