Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Life is Full of Ups and Downs

Life has felt very stressful these last few days.

Whether it be the utter desperation involved in job hunts, arguments with friends, or.... well actually that's it. My list isn't very long, but I still feel overwhelmed. I'm anxious about everything. My concentration levels are ridiculously low. I'm tired, and I'm irritated by the mediocrity of everyday life.

And it's been affecting my mood. If it wasn't for plans like Zumba, Peter Pan on Ice, and a movie night to look forward to, I know that I'd be 100 times more low. And possibly at risk of a break down.

I'm scared of the uncertainty that revolve around the issues I mentioned above. But I am determined not to cry.

So I am stepping back. I'm taking a look around and self-evaluating what is working, and what isn't. What I have control over, and what I don't.

I am grateful for the little things I have to look forward to, and for the wonderful, supportive people I have in my life.

But the road of mental illness is often challenging, and full of ups and downs. Having courage during the downs isn't always easy, but for once I am prevailing.

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