Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Start Your Own 30 Day Challenge

My 30 Day Challenge over the past month has been so much fun.

Maybe it's my love of lists.

Or that consciously making the effort to stop isolating myself has had a great effect on my mental health.

So for April I'm challenging myself again. And now you can too!

Using my free printable you can set your own Challenge and record your progress on the sheet below! 
My April Challenge is to read something every day. Whether it's a line, a page, or a whole chapter, I want to push myself back into reading.

I really miss the days when I had time to immerse myself fully in a book. While I know it's not possible to read The Fault in Our Stars in just 20 hours again, the 30 Day Challenge will help me make the time to at least read a little bit.

I just can't resist a good list.

You can download your free printable here. Start your own challenge, and let me know what you pick and how you get on!

1 comment:

  1. Fabulous idea and I also love lists :) Good luck with the challenge x