Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Beginners Guide to The Flash

This week for the Irish Blogger Collaboration, we're writing on something we're an expert on. Now, I'm not much of an expert on anything (although ask my family and they'll tell you how I like to think I'm an expert on EVERYTHING). But there is one thing I'm quite well versed in, and that's US TV shows.

One I'd like to introduce you to this week is The Flash.
Despite high ratings in the US and being renewed for a second season, The Flash just hasn't taken off this side of the Atlantic. Which is a huge shame, because it's awesome.

The first of a number of spin offs from The Arrow, DC Comics are firmly rivaling Marvel's TV creations with The Flash.

"My name is Barry Allen, and I'm the fastest man alive. When I was a child I saw my mother killed by something impossible. My father went to prison for her murder. Then an accident made me the impossible..."

You've heard of The Flash I'm sure. He's your typical comic book hero with super powers. He runs really, really fast. Sheldon Cooper always wears his logo on a t-shirt on The Big Bang Theory.
It's just ended in the States, but you have to find a way to watch the first season before the second returns in Autumn.

And what makes The Flash so good, is that it's not afraid to deal with 'fantasy'.
While The Arrow spent over 2 seasons grounding the show in realism only to awkwardly introduce immortality in Season 3, and Marvel's Agents of SHIELD cloaked all 'other worldly-ness' in a secret agent world of suits and guns until Season 2, The Flash's use of 'the other' mixes science and fantasy effortlessly.
You can't explain the pool of immortality in the wider context of The Arrow, but every superpower in The Flash has its roots firmly placed in science.

Still not convinced you should give it a try?

Here's why you must watch it:

Barry Allen is the cutest, most baby-faced superhero of all time. He could be aged anything from 18 to 26. Heck, I'm not even sure what age he's meant to be.
Stop ID-ing me!

The regular supporting characters are all totally like-able too. 
Meet Cisco the adorable, goofy but genius sidekick.
I will give you the best nickname.

Caitlin Snow is basically the Felicity of this show. You kinda wish she was over her dead fiance and into Barry already.
I will have superpowers soon.

And Iris isn't as annoying as your typical 'male lead's female crush' tends to be in comic book adaptations.
But I'm still a basic bitch.
The Detective from Law & Order is here playing a Detective.
What do you mean 'type-cast'?
The baddies aren't all that bad. The particle accelerator gave them superpowers. They're all just mainly trying to deal with these powers. In one episode there's even a psychic gorilla. Not his fault he's super smart and a bit angry now.
I am Grood.

The entire cast of Prison Break guest star to earn their keep. And they're actually really good sports.
Wentworth Miller & Dominic Purcell
Robert Knepper

The show tackles the ultimate question: "Is there a way out of the friendzone?" 
The answer is still unknown

It's Family Friendly. There's no sex scenes. No gruesome-ness or gore. It's all feel good, a little tense, but mainly Doctor Who levels of appropriateness.

The twists. You never see them coming (unless you read the comics unlike me). But they're more believable than when Arrow does it.

Full of Pop Culture references
Part of what made Buffy the Vampire Slayer such a classic were the  "It will be my masterpiece. My Mona Lisa. My Breaking Bad Season 5."

The Season Finale
Packed with more tension than a wound up jack-in-the-box the last episode of The Flash's first season is a stellar 40 minutes that tie together every thread of the previous 22 episodes. It's super emotional, and makes watching the entire rest of the season worth watching.

There's a whole load of new DC Comics shows coming that The Flash leads into.
Legends of Tomorrow is coming really soon AND Supergirl is in the works. It's a whole Universe coming together, and it's making TV gold. You can't miss out.

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  1. Sounds good Zoe! And a few nice faces to look at while watching it, not a bad combo! I'll give this a watch over the summer and I'll get back to you on it :)