Thursday, 11 June 2015

Questions I still don't know the answer to...

Why the weather forecast is so often wrong (and why do people hear different forecasts)?

Whether my cat actually likes me or not?

Why the 'new' guy in Insomnia still couldn't make a mocha after 3 weeks?

How anyone not British and bound by national patriotism could like and support Andy Murray?

Why Facebook has to notify me three times when it's someone's birthday?

What the REAL reason is for my dog sitting on my bed when I'm not around?

What the point of Sin, Cos and Tan actually is?

Whether Buffy really did fall in love with Spike in the end?

Why Denny had to die in Greys Anatomy (and why is he still the most attractive TV character I've ever known)?

What on earth went wrong for Molly Ringwald?

How does one get asked on a date?

Why so serious?

What do I do with all the ribbon I bought?

Will pharmacies ever stock foundation light enough for my skin tone?

How to be motivated when packing?

Will the 12 books I bought be enough for my summer reading?

Is there even a right way to pronounce 'quinoa'?

Do you tell someone when you don't want to be their friend anymore?

Will I ever own enough fox themed decor?

How to fain confidence?

How to actually BE confident?

How I've been so blessed with friends, work and life in Dublin?

Why my best friend and family have put up with me for so long?

Why is it so hard to stick up for yourself, but easy to stand up for those you love?

Ah life's endless riddles. Will we ever know the answers?


  1. although, 12 books may not be enough...and also, cats are a giant enormous mystery. Do they like you cause you feed them or do they like you like you?

    We'll never know the answer to cats.

  2. Quinoa = Keen-wa. (I heard someone say it on telly).
    I don't think Buffy ever loved Spike.
    12 books might not be enough.
    Face Atelier do a white foundation that you can mix a drop with darker foundations to lighten them up, it's life changing! Okay not really but it does save foundation from the bin...

    Not a clue with the others xx

    1. You don't think she ever loved Spike? :/ I have the smallest of hopes! xx

  3. I have no idea about Quinoa either! 12 book may not be enough either. Really enjoyed this post x