Saturday, 20 June 2015

Secret Storage | Transform an Old Book

My latest craft was a little find from Pinterest on my previous post - Recent Pinterest Finds. I love the idea of using books as secret storage. I used to watch with envy as character after character on TV shows hid guns, hip flasks, money or keys inside books that were perfectly positioned on book shelves. 

No more envy for Zoe. I decided to go right ahead and make one of my own. 

All you need is :
Old Notebook
Mod Podge (and a Paintbrush to apply)
Crafting knife

And as I later found out....
Lots of effort and patience

The idea is that you glue all of the pages together with the Mod Podge, allowing the glue to dry in between layers. Next, take your craft or hobby knife and hollow out a space inside the book. 

The notebook I used was my old campaign notebook from college. It's perfectly A5 sized, the notebook was full, and it's a cute purple colour. And it was nice to re-use something like that; putting that stage of my life behind me. Cutting through the pages layer by layer is a very time consuming, labourous process. But I found it a nice way to pass an afternoon. You don't have to cut the whole way through the book (i.e. every single page). But as the notebook wasn't overly thick, I cut through to the back page to leave the hollow deep enough for storage.

The end was a little messy. The edges aren't exactly pretty; they're still a little ragged despite my best efforts to tidy it up. And the line down the right hand side isn't overly straight. Gah!

I also sized some pretty cloud paper I had and slid it in along the bottom to cover up some cut marks on the back page and bring the craft to life.
I'm really happy with how it turned out. And the cloud lining really makes it. Looking at the pictures though, I think I should use the spacing at the top of the notebook and put something like 'Ssssh..' on it. What do you think?

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  1. I love this! I would hide money and secret notes in here, if I had any.