Wednesday, 3 June 2015

There's No Place Like Home

I miss home.

I miss my pets and my parents and my sisters.

Maybe it's the fact that I know I won't be home for another month. Or that everything's been changing and I like the stability of home. Or because my sister started her Leaving Cert today, and I'd like to be there for moral support (but more likely end up distracting her). Or maybe it's the fear of being in Dublin all summer for the first time.

But I also know that if I were there I'd get sick of it after a few days and want to be back in Dublin.

At times it can feel like I'm split between two places. My wardrobe, my possessions, my life. As much as I love Dublin, escaping back to the green of Monaghan is a well welcomed treat.
This week with the Irish Blogger Collaboration we're writing about what it feels like to be home. When I started to write I couldn't stop, so I've ended up with more than 5 on my list.

Here's the things that always happen when I'm home:

1) One of my favourite parts of being home is when the car pulls up to the back door. If my dog Lexi is outside when this happens, I wave at her through the car window until I get her attention. Then she spots me, goes super hyper and runs to the car door to greet me before lying down for me to rub her belly and give her cuddles. She also likes to come down to my bedroom with me to help me unpack. #TheFeels

2) My Dad will ask me very seriously to help him milk the cows. I'll pretend he's joking.

3) Someone will have 'borrowed' clothes from my wardrobe. I'll notice, and borrow something from my sisters in return.

4) Some random animal will turn up to the house. A ginger spaniel. New born kittens on the farm. A donkey. Someone will ask to keep it.
The Farm Kittens

5) There'll be presents for my family in my suitcase.

6) We'll watch Law & Order: SVU. The new series, an old episode, one we've seen before, one where my Dad can tell us the plot of and who the real baddies is despite our protests that it's a new one.

7) There will be an argument about politics. I will think I've won it.

8) I will get at least two scrapes from my feisty kitten who's not yet cool with the amount of love I attempt to shower on her.

9) It's the only time I won't do my hair and make-up. (Unless I have plans to venture further than the milking parlour) It gives my skin and hair a nice break from products and treatment.

Home is really special. It's such a huge contrast to living in Dublin. And I love that.


  1. Number 7 made me chuckle because it's true for when I visit home too.

  2. This is lovely! :)

    Also, the kitten is so adorable.

  3. Awh this was great to read Zoe! My dog does the exact same thing hahaha :) My dad works in Dublin Monday - Friday for as long as I can remember and when his (Gilloppy I call it, a '91 Golf that is surprisingly passing NCTs year in, year out) she KNOWS it's him coming up the driveway (It gives the most irritating chugging sound) and she'll give her signature salute of greeting :)

    I'm not a major cat-person, but that kitten IS cute, hopefully she'll realise soon she should be returning the favour :)

    Thanks so much for being a part of the Irish Blogger Collab Zoe, it's been wonderful to have you with us!