Friday, 31 July 2015

July Favourites

These are the little things, my favourite things, that have gotten me through the month.

Creating a work space for my blogging has been high up on my priorities list this month. My desk has been cleaned, tidied and organised so I can get my priorities in order. July has really been the month when I realised what makes my blog unique, and that I should concentrate on those unique features in all of my posts. I used to hate that I was different to other bloggers; I saw it as a negative. In reality, it's what makes my blog original. 

There wasn't a whole lot of sun this month, but I did finally get to try out my Declaré suncreams, AND the trendy travel bag I got with them. I really like the brand, and seen as I'm a sucker for getting sun burnt, their sun protection products were a must for me.

This Seventeen Instant Glow Bronzer has been my go-to product all month. It's a very light bronze, with a shimmery finish. And how cute is the design? I do love me some cosmology. 

Ingrown hairs? Me too. It's near impossible to always avoid them. But I've been loving Sass 'Perfect Skin Concentrate' which helps prevent ingrown hairs. What's more, it actually works. I'm a huge fan. 

I love handmade gifts, partly because I love crafting myself, and also the sentiment is just the sweetest. I got a Once Upon a Time themed present of fairy dust for my Birthday this month. How cute is that?

From the June Glossybox, this Kueshi Anticellulite Booster was a godsend this month. I don't know if it worked for sure, I like to think I saw some improvement, but I really liked using it everyday. It gave me the confidence to get the pins out at the swimming pool and in the very rare few moments of sun we've had. 

And from the July Glossybox... I've re-purposed the make up pouch as a pretty pencil case. I'll be writing about what I'm using my new pencils and markers for in the very near future. 

What would July have been without Longitude? I had so much fun over the weekend and made unforgettable memories.

July has definitely been a mixed bag for my mental health; I had quite a few downs, but then some elated good moments as well. I will definitely need to put more focus on improving my mental health for August before I return to working two jobs. But, I am determined to do it.


  1. I love that your blog is different to other blogs, that's why I follow it, I love how diverse it is! I also used the Glossybox pouch as a pencil holder, probably the only thing in the box I'll use!

    1. Thank you Sharon, that means a lot :) It does make a great pencil case!! x