Friday, 7 August 2015

Be Mindful | Online Mindfulness Course

Part of my Mindfulness Online Series.

Mindfulness is an ever growing phenomenon. As more and more people look to mindfulness for help, answers or just for relief, it's important to learn the practice from trusted and reliable sources.

The UK's Mental Health Foundation is just one of these sources. I've been using their website for the past three years for high standard information, explanations, as well as their array of free publications. They've been of great help to me particularly when I was involved in mental health education and outreach in college. One such publication, is on Mindfulness.
With a handy explanation of what Mindfulness is and how it help, they've also included a brief little breathing activity. I've tried this activity a few times. Once was in a workshop, where tasks like this feel easy because someone's telling you to do it. But then I tried to practice it at home, and I just couldn't motivate myself to sit and do nothing other than breathe for any length of time.
You can get their handy (and free) mindfulness leaflet here

The Mental Health Foundation also have a Be Mindful website with an Online Mindfulness Course designed to help you reduce your stress. Users have reduced their stress score (I scored 25/40) through the programme. There's also a more detailed Stress Assessment, where my level of stress was at 27, with scores in anxiety and depression just below. 

The introductory classes are FREE! And by the time you've finished these you want to continue with the course because the benefit of answering some reflective questions and ticking boxes can already be felt in the acknowledgement that sweeps over you.

The cost of €75 isn't that bad (considering the price of mental health treatment in general), but it does feel like a substantial investment. However, my lack of internet in my summer accommodation means I haven't signed up for the paid part of the course just yet. 

But do check it out, and
Give it a try!

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