Monday, 10 August 2015

My Thankful List

As part of my August Ambition, I want to practice being more thankful for the little things that make a difference in life.

Here's everything I feel thankful for today:

- Waking up to sunshine

- Getting a seat on the Luas

- How my 52 Blue blog post touched people

- My work colleagues asking me about my weekend

- Having a nail file in my bag when my nail chipped

- Having a busy week to look forward to

- Netflix understanding my need for true crime documentary films

- Reaching 25,000 blog views last night

- Always having a cup of tea nearby

- The rain stopping for my walk home

- Being able to cook my favourite pasta dish

- My wonderful memories from the weekend

- Remembering to run to the ATM this morning

- Getting a quiet night in

- My room being quiet and peaceful

- Having time to read and colour this evening

- Being able to catch up on sleep


  1. Lovely post, and WELL DONE on 25,000 blog views, that's amazing! And always having tea nearby is just bliss x