Friday, 7 August 2015

Penneys Haul

I cannot resist Penneys/Primark! Not only is everything super affordable, but they've really upped their game lately with their fandom based products and their home section. So I decided to treat myself with some little indulgences and decor to brighten up my room.

Here's what I bought...

How could I resist this bargain?
Pack of 2 Marvel Notebooks €2.50

AAAGH I've been eyeing up leggings like these online for years. They cost a fortune, these on the other hand are beautiful, precious and very reasonable comfort wear.
Harry Potter Marauder's Map Pyjama Bottoms €10

I'm having my own little fiesta with this hanging skull.
Hanging Tin Skull 50 cent

How cute are these? I was feeling extra generous and donated them to my sister for her dorm room come September.
Hanging Elephants €3

I've had a serious lack of candles in my life lately. It smells like a cocktail.
Peach and Sweet Champagne Candle in a Jar €3.00
Where would we be without Penneys?

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