Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The Blogging Journey

It makes me feel quite special to have over 25,000 visits to my little blog. I just reached that milestone this week, and wanted to make a Thank You post to all of my readers.

Because Business Cards make me feel like a proper blogger.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me, supported the cause, over the past year. I've met amazing people along the way, many of whom are fellow bloggers. They, in particular made me feel more confident about my blog and inspired me to keep writing. I've been contacted by old friends, current friends, acquaintances, strangers who all reached out to me over posts.

It's been an interesting year to say the least. At times it felt as if my whole world was changing, and the blog was my anchor keeping me focused and steady amidst wave after wave of change.

It's been a challenge to share some parts of my journey, but also at other times a relief.

I hope that in some small way writing about my struggles and celebrations have helped you, just as they have helped me to make sense of this illness.

I hope that you found solace, comfort, or even reassurance that you were not alone.

I hope that I've been able to change minds and attitudes to mental health, increase understanding, even when I don't feel like I understand what's going on inside of my head, and work towards removing some of that stigma that I battle with both online and off.

As I continue on this blogging journey, I hope you will stay along for the ride. At least to see how things play out. That's one thing I'll say about depression, it may be a lot of things but it is not predictable.

Here's to my next milestone. Or at least the next one I notice.



  1. Congratulations! :) that's incredible and all the best for the next step in your blogging journey x

  2. Well done Zoe! Here's to the next 25,000 ;) It has been great getting to know you and reading your posts - and I look forward to reading your work amid my study breaks in the coming year!

    You go girl.

    Catherine xo
    Breathing Silver Linings

    1. Ah thank you Catherine! :) Hope you will still have time to keep blogging amidst the havoc and stress of your big year xx