Friday, 6 November 2015

Oscars Party Glitz, Glamour and the Girls

Taking inspiration from my Oscars Bash board on Pinterest, I decided to throw my hand at organising an Oscars themed party for the kids I work with.

Why the Oscars theme?
Our school doesn't 'celebrate' Halloween so to speak. But we managed to find a way around it. The kids could dress up as movie and tv characters (the Halloween element) and still enjoy a classy party that tied in with their costume theme (the Oscars element)!

Simple AND stylish!
The invitations I made

We sent out mysterious invites a few weeks beforehand, and urged the kids to make an effort to dress up and participate.

Little did they know, we were going to have awards for the three best costumes!

It took a fair bit of planning, preparation and then partying to pull it all off. Whether it was making photo booth props or cutting up 100 gold glittery stars, it was a time consuming challenge. Thankfully the shops had props to match our film-based glitzy theme with black, white and gold adorning the room. Handy fact: Heatons and Woodies DIY both have dedicated party sections in their stores, not just for Halloween.
I think the girls all really appreciated in the end.

After gorging on cupcakes, popcorn, chocolate fondue and sweets, we watched a screening of the Disney live-action Cinderella movie (starring Lily Collins).

Check out the props from the night below;

Tiger - €3
Tiger - €1
Popcorn boxes from Tiger, Napkins and Tablecloth from Heatons
Cupcakes from Tesco

Did you throw a party for Halloween? Or maybe you want to copy this idea for the real Oscars come next year? Let me know below!


  1. OMG!
    This is bloody genius - I'm going to try this with a few of my friends next year.
    Thanks so much for this idea Zoë
    Charlotte :)

    1. ooh you're very welcome Charlotte! Can't wait to see what you come up with x