Saturday, 30 January 2016

Am I Authentic Yet? | Be Authentic

“Most people are other people, their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” 

– Oscar Wilde. 
January is always a bit of a strange month. It takes a while to get into the post-Christmas routine. Less shopping, less spending, and less socialising. If we’re lucky, it takes slightly longer to break our first News Years Resolution.

But this January has been a bit different for me. Capitalising on the post-Christmas quiet, I launched my Romeo Project at the very end of December. And then I got completely swept up in my first resolution; Be Authentic.

By 30th December I had compiled a to-do list for the month ahead;

  • Create a Vision Board.
  • Create a Life Handbook with values, goals and a mission statement.
  • Read XYZ self-help books.
  • Stop being inauthentic.
  • Write a list of what makes me smile.
  • Define Authentic Happiness.

As I looked at all I needed to do to Be Authentic I figured I had bitten off more than I could chew. Why couldn’t I have started the project off with an easier resolution? Why couldn’t I just have decided January was for sleeping?

But I’d put in too many months of pre-planning to abandon my authenticity challenge.

I was quick to learn that Authenticity is not the easiest concept to just adopt. Instead, it can only be achieved by taking small steps – like defining my values, my goals and my mission statement.
It’s also important to stop being inauthentic. The month involved developing a lot of self-awareness. And I learned that I wasn’t always being me; I often hid behind a formal exterior and wasn’t open or always personable with those around me.

Creating a Life Handbook was a much bigger task than I had expected. It took me a solid week of planning and prep after work to develop.

The highlight of the month was defining my values. It feels empowering to know what I believe in and stand for, and I know I can embody them every day.

But Am I Authentic yet? 
I have definitely started being more open and honest with those around me – sharing little tidbits and reflecting my personality in conversation. I have felt determined to not let my social anxiety win.

I feel like I have a better understanding of who I am; my qualities and my strengths. And I know what direction I want to head in over the next few years; my hopes, dreams and ambitions.
But more than that I understand that living an authentic life is a process. It’s about how we live every day, not just for one month.

Most helpful self-help books for ‘Be Authentic’?
I would recommend Michelle Ward and Jessica Swift’s 'The Declaration of You', it’s all about finding yourself and shouting your interests from the rooftops.
Obviously I based a lot of my month around creating a Life Handbook – check out Personal Excellence for more on that.
For more about Authentic Happiness, read up on Martin EP Seligman’s book of the same name.

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