Saturday, 16 January 2016

Things That Always Make Me Smile

When it comes to authenticity I think it’s hard to fake a smile.

When you smile, genuinely smile because something makes you feel good, that’s authentic.

Here is a list of the things that never fail to make me smile;

  • Making my Dad laugh
  • Giving a nerdy present to my little sister
  • My dog licking my hand after I’ve been petting her
  • When someone remembers a small and almost insignificant detail I told them
  • When someone offers to pay for the coffee/tea I just ordered
  • When you do a little favour for someone without them having to ask
  • Getting a compliment
  • When my Dad calls me on the phone
  • A supportive blog comment
  • Getting to treat a friend
  • A warm, calming cup of tea after a long day

Interestingly, I see my values in this list. This also made me smile.

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