Monday, 8 February 2016

Creating a Self Care Box

What better way to get my month of self care underway than be creating my own self care box?

But what is a self care box I hear you ask? Well I came up with the idea when reading '21 Days to Master Extreme Self Care' by Cheryl Richardson. In the book she talks about the importance of having a first aid kit – a well prepared plan of action in place before you need it.

So much of self care for me is about fending off the bad days. But with mental illness, that doesn't mean that there won't still be days when you feel like you've had enough and want to give up. Having a first aid kit prepared in advance means that you have somewhere and something to turn to for help.

I've always found it extremely hard to do anything positive or productive on my worst days. I would much rather lounge in self-pity, thank you very much.

But that's why I decided to make my own self care box. When I'm down I feel hopeless and helpless. The box is something I can turn to and find relief. By re-purposing an old Glossybox Box, I found the perfectly sized box to meet my needs. I  started adding some of my favourites things and little treats (see outlined in full below). They may seem small and insignificant when you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, but I'm hoping that having the box by my bedside will serve as a reminder to continue looking after myself, even when self care is the furthest thing from my mind.

What's in my box?

Letter to my future self - to read in time of trouble
Contact details for a support service - just in case.

Selection of calming teas - Double mint, Green Tea, Camomile and 
Chocolate - Hot chocolate and an Aero bar. Oh and a Kinder Beuno, because they're my favourites.
Tissues - Because tears happen on occasson.
Nerds - Possibly my favourite sweets. Plus I haven't had them in so long
Small Mindfulness Colouring Book - One of the best things over the past few month for calming me down has been colouring.

Hand warming fox - My friends like to buy fox gifts for me, and this lovely hand warmer was one of them. Comforting in times of need.
And finally,
My Journal - Sometimes things are too personal for the blog, and these get recorded in my journal.

When it comes to protecting your mental health, the little things have a big role to play. 

What would you put in your own self care box?

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