Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Do we have time for happiness?

Since I started exploring happiness with The Romeo Project, something that has consistently come up in the self-help literature is how time consuming the pursuit of happiness is.

As part of my month of Self Care,  I want to improve my happiness through the little things. 

It's about finding the time, and making the time, to bring in a little bit of happiness into our daily lives.
Currently, my answer to that question is no. Right now I feel overwhelmed by all I am trying to juggle; two jobs, volunteer work, teaching evening classes, blogging... How am I even meant to have a social life, yet alone a relationship, when I have so many other commitments? I spend so much time rushing from one place to the next, catching up on what I did miss from one evening to the next. I definitely do not feel like I have time happiness.

But often the little things that make us happy don't take up a lot of time. 
This Huffington Post article from 2014 looks at the little things that require minimal time and effort to make you happy. They argue that according to Science, you do have time for happiness. No excuses.
Happiness can be found in the little things we do every day. And right now, I am grasping for it.

Here are the Huffington Post suggestions I want to incorporate into my day to day life this month.

Smile - I could definitely smile more. I do love that feeling when a stranger smiles at you, or when you greet a work colleague with a big smile in the morning. It releases endorphin's in both the smiler, and the other person on the receiving end.

Laugh - I don't laugh easily. I have a weird sense of humour. The last thing I remember actually laughing out loud at was the surreal behaviour of Robert Durst in The Jinx.

Listen to Happy Music - I don't know what qualifies as 'happy music'. But somebody recently suggested classical music to me, so I might give that a go.

Enjoy a Cup of Tea - I do this everyday. Perfect act of self care.

Go for a stroll in the park - I miss the days when I could cut through the park on my way to work every morning. It really did bring a sense of calm and brightened up my day.

Keep a Gratitude Journal - This is something I've done before, and I found it really useful to find happiness in every day.

Play with a puppy - As if I needed an excuse to go home and see our pets.

Walk - Ever since I started walking to and from work every day I have felt the change. Not only has it made me fitter, but I've felt better mentally as well.

Go on a Vacation - Isn't it just my luck that I have two international trips planned this month?

Perform an Act of Kindness - I haven't had a chance to do any volunteer work this year yet. Hopefully February will bring some opportunities to me soon.

Happiness comes in many forms; but if I've learned anything so far on this journey, it's that you make your own happiness. If you want to feel happy, you have to give it time.

Do you think we have time for happiness?

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