Friday, 26 February 2016

Self Care Journal

I'm still raving about self care! You know me, I love saying I'll commit to something but then failing to do so for any considerable period of time. Thankfully, Zoe does commit well to nice notebooks and list-making. And this is where a Self Care Journal comes in.
If, like me, you've felt that you were failing to really practice self care during Self Care is Not Selfish month, there are still little things we can do that can make a big, positive impact on our mental health.

Alas, all of your self care needs have been met with Rachelle Abellar's Self Care Journal. It's a great little illustrated journal filled with 100 pages of prompts all about looking after your mental health. Whether you have found making lists or journaling helpful before, or whether you haven't given it a shot yet, the book is designed to be interactive and engaging.
Rachelle also runs a Self Care Zine on Tumblr, filled with motivation to get your self care on.

I personally love lists, so I love the inter-activeness of this book. It's exactly what I needed to actually think about my own worth, my own support network, and my own self care rituals!

I've found that I've been breaking some of the promises I made to myself this month. Often, I've felt that I haven't had the time to really commit myself fully to self care.
Sometimes when it comes to mental health, it's the little things that make the most difference.
While Rachelle's Self Care Journal may seem simple, it really engaged me and I remembered to celebrate the things that really matter; like how far I've come in 5 years.

You can check out some sample pages from the journal below.
You can also buy a copy of the book here.

Sample Self Care Journal pages from Tumblr:

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