Thursday, 7 April 2016

Be Free from Clutter

“What we own is not who we are.” – Mike Fisher, ‘Mindfulness and the Art of Managing Anger’
Declutter is the new buzzword. Especially now that we are in Springtime and full-on Spring cleaning mode. We need to clear our homes and our personal spaces of clutter now more than ever. It's Life Changing. It's a transformation. It sparks joy. Apparently we even have ‘clutter personalities’.

Oxford Dictionary describes decluttering as follows:
to "Remove unnecessary items from (an untidy or overcrowded place)"

So this April, I too have decided I want to be free from clutter.

There is only one name you need to know when it comes to decluttering - Marie Kondo. The KonMari method has grown in popularity over the past year thanks to Marie Kondo’s book, ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’. Her work deals with breaking the mental attachment we have for possessions. For Kondo, decluttering allows us to cut ties with material things.

Better to toss than to keep something which doesn't bring us positivity.

The 'experts' say that clutter leads to procrastination. Mess is oppressive. And clearing up all the excess junk, mess and unnecessary items frees up time for the things that are important to you. Not to mention, also providing you with more mental space and energy.

It's not that my room is really messy. But it could do with a proper tidying-up. You see, I'm a bit of a hoarder. Partly it comes with my crafty personality and my insistence that items 'may be useful one day'. It's often not the case, and the result is that I'm left with old scraps and broken items. I have empty boxes and bags. I own make-up products that I've never used but still kept down through the years.
I'm also rather sentimental and I struggle to part with even the most mundane of mementos. We're talking leaflets, receipts and envelopes. This is why I started a scrapbook a couple of years ago; somewhere tidier to hoard all of these items of sentimental value.

But not only do I want to finally dedicate time to rooting through and sorting out my belongings, I also believe that organisation improves mental health. The KonMari method feeds off the positive feelings we get when we feel on top of things. And that's what I want - to feel prepared, organised and free from the stress and anxiety that mess creates.

To get stuck in and tackle my room, I have filled out's 7-Day Decluttering Challenge:
Everything from my emails to my lists and my desk will be tackled to create a more minimalist space; better for body and soul.

Find out how I get on on my decluttering challenge next week.

For more on my month to Be Free, and The Romeo Project click here.

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