Thursday, 28 April 2016

Be Free From Your Budget

Yikes. What a title. Next I’ll be telling you to spend as if you’ve won the lotto, right?

Well, no, actually. That’s not what I meant. You see, I’m a bit stingy. Call it a trait I haven’t managed to leave behind since my student days, or just a part of my personality, but I hate spending money.

For every purchase I make, I keep a note of it, add it to my list, review at the end of the month and then lambaste myself for spending more money on books and subscription boxes AGAIN.

I feel tied down to my budget. But what would it be like to be free from my budgetary restrictions?
So this month I have been attending what is free, blagging my way into things that aren't free, and making the most out of nights in.

Budget Friendly Activities this month:
(yes, the boyfriend and me are history nerds and not everything on this list will suit everyone!)

- The Little Museum of Dublin
 Free on Thursdays from 6-8pm, you can see all things fun and quirky from Irish history here; including, old election posters, a U2 room, and especially commissioned exhibits to commemorate 1916.

- Baking Moomin Cookies
Did you watch the Moomins as a kid? Have you eaten them? I had such a fun baking night in with my friend making these.

- Watching The People vs. OJ, American Crime Story
The boyfriend and I were obsessed with this show in April. It's addictive, the acting is superb, and I just can't get enough of true crime!

-The 1916 Exhibition in Collins Barracks
If you haven't gone yet, you must check out the special 1916 exhibition curated for the centenary. It was one of the most moving experiences of my life.

- Making Pizza
Okay, I didn't actually make the pizza, I just helped shop for the ingredients. I was spoiled as the boyfriend treated me to a homemade pizza!

- Window Shopping and thrift shop browsing
It's tough to spend time amidst all the pretty things when you can't buy them; but I did love checking out the thrift shops and picking up one or two book bargains that were budget friendly.

- Journaling
Journaling has become an important stress-reliever for me this month. I have spent two evenings in working my way though journaling prompts ad recording my day in my journal.

- Making the most of the good weather and sitting out in the sun
The good weather has been sporadic, but it's been on the increase the closer we get to May. It's still a rarity in Ireland, but I've been spending as much time as I can outdoors soaking up Vitamin D.

- Walks in Stephens Green
Dublin's big city centre greenery is the perfect place to stroll through, take a seat in, or feed the ducks. It's also a handy place to meet up with a friend without spending any money!

- Ride the Revolution, 1916 Bus Tour
Another history item on my list... And this one, we managed to blag our way onto for free. (It's all about who you know) I haven't ever attended any interactive talking history events before, so this a totally new experience, but I would 100% recommend this tour for anyone who's in Dublin!

- Binge watching Once Upon a Time
I'm quite far behind in Once Upon a Time since it returned from its mid-season break, so me and my friend drank tea, ate chocolate and caught up on a few episodes on a really chill night.

Freeing myself from my budget? Definitely a success! Making the most of what's free in the locality causes less stress and it's something you should definitely try out in the coming months.

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