Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Detox : Be Free From Toxins

As I mentioned in my post about starting to journal, I've been experiencing some body confidence issues lately. I haven't been happy with my weight and where any additional weight seems to go for some time now. On top of this, I've been feeling run down and lacking energy. My overall wellness has been sidelined. While I always try to attend a weekly exercise class, my busy schedule means that hasn't always been possible lately. So I turned to my diet, in the hope that I can improve my body confidence and restore my energy levels through what I eat and drink.

One of the most popular methods for improving your health and fitness is to detox. I was in need of a challenge, so I decided to try to Be Free from toxins! The latest trend in the detox world is the Teatox - where the boost you need is promised in the form of specially curated tea leaves. A Teatox promises to remove toxins and cleanse your body just by brewing and drinking tea. I traditionally hate diets because I love my food too much. I'm a sucker for carbohydrates and the very regular chocolaty treat. But a Teatox is something I definitely felt I could do - it doesn't involve changing your regular eating habits, and it's simple to fit into your day. And as an Irish gal, I do love my tea! 

That's where NutriPlan come in.  

I was offered a week's supply of NutriPlan's Teatox in exchange for an honest review of the Teatox programme. NutriPlan are one of several big names in the Teatox business. Their Teatox plan comes with a morning tea to be taken every morning of the programme before you've had breakfast, and a bedtime tea to be taken every second evening before bed. The 7 Day Teatox kit usually retails at £8.99, which is about average price in the Teatoxing world. It contains 17 'natural and nutritious herbs' includng cranberry, chamomilla, ginseng and raspberry. Nothing too unusual. The product promises to stop you feeling bloated, leave you refreshed and awake. It's exactly what I felt I needed, so I was in.

How did I get on?

I tried out the Teatox every morning and every second night as prescribed for the week. Getting my morning tea meant rising earlier on weekdays before I headed into work. To my surprise, getting up earlier was easier than expected and I was waking up more alert and awake than I had been when I was getting my extra half an hour of sleep.

During the first two days of the detox I noticed no difference in myself or how I felt. I added eating a healthier breakfast of berries and other fruits in yogurt to my routine on Day Two.

By the third day my mood boosted and I felt out of my downward funk. I also felt actively healthier, less bloated and sluggish. This positive change in my feeling of general wellbeing lasted for the rest of the week.
At the end of the 7 days I was all-round refreshed. It didn't cure my body confidence issues, but I shouldn't have expected to; that's up to me. But it's given me a sense of wellness that allows me to begin tackling those other issues.  And I'd really like to try the Teatox for another week to help me along that path. 

To find out more about NutriPlan or order your own Teatox, visit their website here.

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