Wednesday, 20 April 2016

How to Spring Clean when you're Sentimental

In many ways, decluttering and spring cleaning was therapeutic. I tackled piles of junk, poor storage space and my much in disrepair book case. As Marie Kondo insisted, I threw away anything that didn’t spark joy. In my case, many of these times were old triggers and it was a release to throw away items that reminded me of the darker days in my mental health journey.

But while trying to free myself from clutter I encountered another problem.
How do you avoid junk when you are sentimental?

While tidying out my room I found items that I had made, stored and bought years ago. Some of these were easy to let go of. But others had memories attached, and these sentimental items were harder to find a home for.

My collection of sentimental items included:
hand-made cards, drawings from my little sisters over the years, fliers of movies I have seen, newspaper clippings, old school projects, concert tickets, movie tickets, receipts from dinner, maps of towns, printed booking confirmation emails, event  brochures, wristbands from festivals or night clubs, hand-made bracelets...

These items did spark joy. So I had to keep them. But where?

I have found a solution for us sentimental declutter-ers. There are tidy and organised ways to keep your sentimental items while also being free from clutter.

Here’s how:

A scrapbook is like a big life binder. I started my scrapbook back in 2013 when I ran out of places to store my sentimental items. With some Pritt Stick and some washi tape, you can collage your whole life into a simple-to-store book. I used a sketchbook to capture the last three years of my life, and it’s not quite full yet!

From every job I’ve worked, every event organised, press release written; I have stored these items and made something productive out of them. My portfolio not only contains a collection of working moments I am proud of but it also also shows off my achievements for future job applications.

Another way to keep items of sentimental value is to reuse them as part of something newer and nicer. Whether it's turning some of your favourite old jewelry into a dreamcatcher, or giving your first Glossybox a new purpose as a Self Care Box; there are so many ways to make more useful items that DO spark joy.

Keep one item from a collection
I'm not actually very good at this one; I prefer to keep everything... But, rather than keeping ALL your badges from your time in college; select one from each year.

Memory Box 
File away your bigger and most important items into the one box. My gorgeous memory box stores my old Brownie sash, postcards, Junior Certificate Home Economics sewing project and medals.
It is organised hoarding. But it reduces clutter and allows sentimental souls like me to keep items of personal joy and worth.

Have you any other suggestions for where to store mementos that spark joy?

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