Friday, 1 April 2016

Introduction to my Be Free Resolution

What I want to be free from

“Freedom is the will to be responsible to ourselves.” - Friedrich Nietzsche
It's April, and into month four (yes FOUR) of my Romeo Project self-improvement programme.

Embrace your Past leads effortlessly into my April resolution to Be Free. Having spent March immersed in myself and my past, I plan on finding freedom from it, and all else, that holds me back.

But it's a vague term.

What exactly is Be Free?

Oxford Dictionary describes being free as the ability“to act or be done, as one wishes; not under the control of another.”
It's about being, and feeling, in control.

What do I want to Be Free from?
I want to ditch the things that cause me stress, anxiety and boredom. I want to create more free time for myself, to do the things I really enjoy. There are a number of things that I need to cut out of my life to achieve this. This month is about ditching those things.
Here’s what I want to be free from this month:
- Clutter
- My Schedule
- Stress
- Social Media
- Bad books and Bad TV shows
- Negative Feelings (as much as I can)
- The Past
- My Worries
- Expectations
- My Budget

So how will I achieve my aim to Be Free?
It's all about freeing up both my time and space. I hope that better organisation and forward planning, learning how to let go and move on, and discarding the bits of life I don't really care about will give me more time to be free.
“We are not slaves to our history. We can be freed by our conscious thoughts and disciplined habits.” - Brendon Burchard ‘The Motivation Manifesto’
It involves ditching a number of stress-inducing and time-wasting activities, and consciously changing how I spend, organise and count my time. I'm borrowing some well tested methods for decluttering - the KonMari method and the NotSorry method. I'll be letting go of negative thoughts and feelings, having lazy days, and learning how to actually create more free time when you live with a hectic schedule.

It'll be the most active months of The Romeo Project so far.

Stay tuned throughout April to see how we can bring more freedom into our busy lives.

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