Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Don't Rush: Conclusion

I have thoroughly enjoyed Don't Rush month, even when my resolution was hard to keep. There was so much to explore from yoga to mindfulness, and meditation to journaling. But slowing down and finding my own pace wasn't always easy.

The thing is, I kept rushing. I wrote about slowing down, staying calm and yet there I was running around feeling stressed. I rushed and reached burn out. I was physically and mentally exhausted and ending up getting sick and having to take time off work mid-month. That's one way of teaching you you're doing your resolution wrong.

However, I am really proud of myself for finding new motivation to keep going. When my resolution seemed to have fallen apart and failed around me, I didn't give up. I came up with a new plan to practice my resolution for the last 7 days of the month and I stuck with it.

It hasn't always been easy not to rush, but, today anyway, I'm walking at my own pace.

My Books of the Month

Living in the Moment - Dani DiPirro
Read my book review here.

Awakening Joy by James Barez teaches us to start noticing when you're happy and start paying attention to what makes you feel good. Barez has three principles to help us to find happiness:
  1. Understand where true happiness lies
  2. Take in the good
  3. Practice makes perfect
The book encourages you to create a Nourishment List where you write for four minute about what brings you joy. Barez also developed this book for teaching kids to awaken their joy and find what makes them happy. It's a great way to teach younger people about their own wellbeing.

Mindfulness for Confidence by Tara Ward suggests we keep a confidence plan alongside the 7 guided meditations in the accompanying audio. The practices are really self exploratory and it offers something different than your usual teach-yourself-how-to-meditate books.

Calm by Michael Acton Scott
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App of the month:

If you haven't already, I would highly recommend that you download the Calm app. It's free, interactive and inspiring to help you practice being mindful every day.

I'll be back with the start of my next resolution, Appreciate the Journey in June.

Until next time,

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