Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Mindful Journaling: 10 Beautiful Things

I have another mindfulness journaling tool for you all today.

Having enjoyed my Here I Am reflection, today’s tool also focuses on accepting and responding to your surrounds. A large part of mindfulness is based on finding happiness in the present, rather than seeing it as a far-off in the future achievement.

I'll be happy when I'm rich.
or I'll be happy when I find a man.
These thoughts just put happiness off, and relegate it to something that you have no control over now.

Instead, mindfulness accepts happiness as more of a mindset, something achievable in the present. This journaling tool will help you find beautiful moments of happiness right now.

10 Beautiful Things I Noticed Today

To capture your 10 Beautiful Things you must reflect on what you see, hear, taste, smell and feel and keep note throughout the day. This tool forces you to notice the little things going on around you. I spent my day actively seeking out beautiful moments and found myself constantly noticing how much beauty there is around me. I was surprised at how many little things are actually beautiful moments when we take the time to stop and appreciate them.

Whether it’s your first ice-cream of the summer. watching older people taking an art class, or the sound of rain hitting off your skylight, look out for your 10 Beautiful Things today.

Here’s my list:

Although I know I was lucky to be completing this tool during our mini-heat wave with sunny spells and a positive mindset, I look forward to filling-in the list in the bad weather; where I’ll have to look harder to see the beautiful through the showers.

Until next time,

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