Monday, 20 June 2016

Go Somewhere New

Since the beginning of January I have been actively trying to fulfill my resolution to appreciate the journey.
Even though this month has been a struggle, with bad mental health and a struggle to find the positive in any day, I have had six months of my Romeo Project to explore new places and gain new experiences.
My resolutions aren't just one per month - they're for the whole year. And so I've been embracing adventure after adventure during the year. I cannot embark on new journeys at present. My mental health and my hectic work schedule won't allow me. But I have done so much this year already. So why not celebrate that?
Today I am celebrating the journeys I have taken so far this year. Guided by my little green 'plans for world domination' notebook of places to explore, I have set out this year with one mission: Go Somewhere New.

Visited Copenhagen
In February I ended up on a long weekend stay in Copenhagen. The city had so many palaces and folklore sites to explore. You can read about my Scandinavian adventures in search of happiness here.
Visit London
At the end of February I spent a short weekend in London, hitting Oxford Street and a few of the sites in the process. I didn't get to see everything I wanted to, so I'm heading back to the British capital again in August for another journey. 

Go to a Six Nations rugby match
I have been a rugby fan since as long as I can remember. Getting to actually experience my own country playing in the famous tournament against our sworn enemies in Twickenham? Priceless. A victory would have been a better result of course.

The Natural History Museum
Despite me living in the capital for 6 years, I had never managed to schedule in a visit to the Natural History Museum. But back in March I did, and IT WAS AWESOME.

I love finding new brunch places to visit, and Fia Brunch in Rathgar was one of those this year. Their menu is smaller than what most places offer, but the friendly staff and great service were top-notch and made it one of my favourite spots of the last 6 months.

Mount Jerome Cemetery
Everyone in Ireland knows about Glasnevin cemetery where most of our famous countrymen reside after their death. But Mount Jerome Cemetery on the southside of city has a lot of history to offer for such an unknown place.

I don't need to find a new place to explore every week, or even every month. Although it is a shame that I couldn't take the time to go on new adventures during Appreciate the Journey month, it is hard to plan or predict with mental illness.  The world, and even Ireland, have so much to offer and I  have so much more time to find new places to go to.

Until next time,

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