Monday, 6 June 2016

June Bucket List

I have spent the past few days travelling to and fro with very little time to spend at my own home, yet alone blog. 

My magical laptop, which chooses to work in all locations bar my own house, has also contributed to my lack of blogging. But I must confess, I have rather enjoyed life without technology

It has given me the time to get artistic and creative. And to actually apply my resolution rather than just researching and writing about it.
To help me appreciate the journey, I have created a bucket list to find appreciation for the world around me.

I want to try new things, get outside and explore.

This month, I want to :-

Take a photo everyday
Visit the seaside
Eat sushi
Have a 99
Go swimming
Buy a new summer dress
Go for afternoon tea
Create a 6 month plan for my Life Handbook
Keep a gratitude list
Finish my Barack Obama book
Visit a forest
Go thrift shopping
Have a Starbucks 'Smores Frappe
Visit the National Gallery
Travel to Cork
Travel to Galway
Go cycling

Have you a bucket list for June?

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