Wednesday, 15 June 2016

My Week in Photos #2

Last week I started my new challenge - to take a photo every single day this month. Even though I have felt low and down during the past few days, I continued with my resolution. On the days I lacked motivation and self-esteem, I snapped a quick photo in my room. It felt good to be able to fulfill at least one task on my to-do list every day. 

Here's my week in photos:

Wednesday 8th June - A quick coffee pick-me-up.

Thursday 9th June - A brief trip out to my old University to watch my housemate's team play tag rugby.

Friday 10th June - Feeling summery on a Friday (before the heavens opened!)

Saturday 11th June - My latest Book Depository order has got me very excited.

Sunday 12th June - Some de-stressing colouring was necessary on Sunday as I tried to distract from my low mood.

Monday 13th June - It was a green tea in my favourite mug kind of day (while at my desk, of course)

Tuesday 14th June - My essentials for a train journey to Galway. 

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