Sunday, 31 July 2016

Accept Responsibility Conclusion

"People don't realize how easy life is to change. You just get on the bus." - Marisha Pessi
I don't like responsibility. I hate grown up things, many of which centre around responsibility. Bills, taxes, work.  I hate going to the bank or to the solicitors
I am 24 and yet I don't feel ready for facing these grown-up things by myself. I wish my mum could still look after my banking for me. Or that someone else could sort out the complicated things like insurance without me having to be involved. They cause me anxiety - sweats, tightened chest, thumping heartbeat, nausea.

I often don't feel like I am ready for adulthood.

But this year I have grasped responsibility by both hands. My goals and plans and action plans have allowed me to steer my own ship. Creating a Life Handbook showed me how to chart my own course, how to aim higher, how to achieve what I want from life.

It's quite easy to shirk away responsibility. We see our life as subject to outside influences. Other people meddling in our affairs and scuppering our plans. But I have learned that we have influence, control, and responsibility for our own future. We have more influence than others, more control. And absolutely more responsibility for getting what we want from life.

We are responsible for making changes and creating progress in our own lives

It can be a scary thought to know that our own future is in our hands. But it's also quite liberating.

There are still the adult chores I hate having responsibility for. But I can also see the bigger picture - I am responsibility for bringing about the change I want to see in my own life.

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