Saturday, 20 August 2016

Negativity Busters

I’ve been writing a lot about reading about negativity this month. There have been reviews of self-help books and posts about what I've learned from other books and sources. But today I’m going to share something a little different with you.

Introducing my own negativity busters.

These are the things I turn to help me when I'm consumed by a negative feeling, thought or belief.  
There was much to feel negative about this month.
A bird pooped on my head (the first time since I was a young thing in primary school) in public. I made a huge error and failed to own up to it. I had awkward stand-offs with friends where none of us would admit our own faults. I felt self-conscious and unworthy. And in all of these instances I turned to the below to help me feel better. 

When I feel overwhelmed and stressed I often turn to my blog for release. There's something therapeutic about being able to write about a recent event or incident that's been getting me down. I've been dipping in and out of 'Opening up by Writing it Down' by James W. Pennebaker and Joshua M. Smyth over the past few months. Pennebaker and Smyth argue that divulging your story is good for your mental health. The act of confessing reduces stress and anxiety. They argue that expressive writing can also influence your perception of your own health. I have to say, that has definitely been my blogging experience.

My Journal

Planning and prettifying my journal is definitely one of my favourite forms of stress relief. I love the feeling of control I get from making a to-do list and planning for the week ahead. I have loved exploring the bullet journal trend this year and using stickers and washi tape to brighten up the mundane everyday tasks. It's also helped me to juggle the many responsibilities I take on with a social and blogging life as well.

Talk to a friend
No, I'm not good at sharing my problems with others either. My worries and negative thoughts always seem insignificant or stupid. BUT I do always feel a wave of relief when I do eventually open up. The support and reassurance you get from a loved one is one of the best things you can ever receive. And it's always right there, waiting for you to tap in on it. I'm still not taking my own advice though, but when I do, I end up feeling guilty that I hadn't just bitten the bullet earlier. A problem shared is a problem halved!

Colouring in
I go through these adult colouring-in books so fast! The benefits of mindful colouring have been much-hyped over the past two years. Not usually one to jump on a trend, this is one I just couldn't resist trying. Now I turn to my colouring after a long day to calm my busy mind. Unlike a lot of people though, I much prefer using markers to colour-in. There's something about the smooth movement of markers and the bright and vivid colours they make. I'm always on the look out for new ones to unwind with, and thankfully, I received a few as gifts lately!

Everyone has heard about going for a run or a fitness class for your mental health. But sometimes when you're surrounded with negativity, it can lead to anger. And my favourite stress relief for anger? Boxing. Your negative thoughts and feelings physically leave and end up in the punching bag when you box. It's not only a great form of exercise (with a fab cardio workout), but it leaves my mind feeling clear. Next time your feeling negative about yourself, or feeling anger or resentment towards someone else, give boxing a try and see if it busts through your negativity.

Treat myself to a subscription box
Okay, okay so you shouldn't shop online when consumed by negativity. But sometimes it makes me feel better, I swear! When down, I like to treat myself. And what's better than ordering a gift box of some nerdy collectibles or beauty products right to your doorstep?
Try ordering three. Yes, this month I ordered three boxes - that's how negative I had been feeling! I love the excitement of eagerly awaiting the arrival of the mystery I had ordered weeks earlier. This month I got a Glosybox, Owlcrate and Nerdblock.

What helps you get out of a negative funk? 

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