Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Creativity and Nature

I love Autumn. So much so, I even created an autumnal printable last year to celebrate it's arrival.
Needless to say, I was thrilled to find a way to combine my September resolution and my love of the season this week.

'Mindfulness and the Natural World' by Claire Thompson celebrates the positive effects of the outdoors on our mental health. But not only that, she also believes that immersing yourself in nature can also spark creativity.

"The natural world can invigorate our minds."

Spending time in nature is well known to boost mental wellbeing. It  gives us fresh air, exercise (even if it is just a leisurely stroll), and a sense of calm.
It also gets us away from the routine of everyday life and technology; giving our minds the freedom to expand.

Thompson argues that nature is conducive to creativity; cultivating curiosity in the process.

"Abandoning ourselves to the flow of our creative side is our greatest potential to express, share and embody life."

You can't argue with her points. William Wordsworth, Robert Frost, Lord Tennyson all wrote poems inspired by the beauty of their surrounds. Can it work on a practical level these day though?

Taking Thompson's advice to heart, I know that I should probably go sit in a forest with a notebook and write uninhibited. But the weather hasn't quite held up for that this month. Heavy rain all weekend literally dampened my plans to make my Canon outside for an Autumn leaves hunt.
Instead, I made the most of a lull in the rain yesterday and headed out to immerse myself in as much nature as living in a city allows. I looked for the nearest parks, well the nearest trees if I'm honest, and felt an appreciation that there can still be such natural beauty in the concrete jungle.
There is always something about the autumn leaves and the chill in the air that makes me love Autumn. And though my time spent near orange hued trees was brief, it has made me promise to head back out this weekend if the weather holds up.
I can't say I was swarmed with creative ideas, but I did nab a few photos for this post. Maybe I'll have better luck this weekend?

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