Thursday, 6 October 2016

My self-belief

How can I start a whole month of self-belief before evaluating and measuring my own current levels of self-belief?

I know that my self-worth has improved over the past few years. At a snails pace albeit, but since getting treatment for my mental illness I have been able to make progress towards liking myself.

I don't hate who I am anymore. I know that I have good qualities. I am comfortable with my odd assortment of interests and likes.

At the beginning of the year as I faced turning 24, I knew I didn't want to plagued by self-doubt for another 15 years. I didn't want to just like myself. I wanted to start loving myself. And challenging self-doubt was a huge part of that. Every month of the Romeo Project was set up to embrace my true authentic self and find ways to practice acts of self-care. But could it improve my self-belief?

Do you believe in yourself?

Earlier this week I wrote about the four key ways to foster self-belief according to all the self-help literature I explored this year.

1) Be your authentic self
My January resolution explored authenticity and helped me to find peace with who I am. 

2) Set goals
My Life Handbook mapped out goals for not only 2016, but for the next three years too.

3) Build up self-esteem and confidence
I dedicated a whole month to practicing self care in February.

4) Stop negative self-talk
Challenging negativity in my August resolution didn't stop all of my negative self-talk, but it did help me to appreciate the power our inner monologue has over how we feel.

So has it worked?

It's time I evaluate my current levels of self-belief and self-doubt, and put all my progress to date to the test.

Yesterday I decided to take the Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale. This form of measuring your self-esteem is one of the most respected methods out there for effectively measuring your own self value. While self-esteem isn't exactly the same as self-belief, it was the best measure I could find for overall self worth. There is a free online version available here.

I scored is 11/30. Scores below 15 indicate low self-esteem.

As much progress as I feel I have made this way towards learning to accept and love myself, my self-esteem remains low. Although this score is just a snapshot in time, it shows how much I have been struggling over the past few weeks with my own self worth and over the past few months with really practicing what I preach with the Romeo Project.

So can I turn it around this month? Here's hoping I can! 

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