Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Your Guide to Self-Belief

My resolution for the month of October is Believe in Yourself. You can read my introduction to the month's theme here.
Today, I want to show you why self-belief is so important and why you need it. And I sure know I need it.

What does it mean to believe in yourself?

Self-belief is about how you feel about yourself; not just your looks, but your skills, abilities and interests. Having self-belief means having confidence in your abilities. It's like the opposite of self-doubt. You know you have good traits. You know it's possible for you to succeed. You know you're not a failure.

Why do we need to believe in ourselves?

1) Take opportunities
When we believe in ourselves, we are empowered to try new, more, and harder things.

2) More confidence
Is it possible that we can actually kind of like ourselves? YES.

3) Less self-sabotage
If we banish self-doubt, we stop saying ourselves 'I'm not good enough.' Because you are enough.

4) Better at handling setbacks
With self-belief, a bump on the road doesn't halt your journey. It's a chance to recoup before we keep going.

5) Helps you find solutions
Obstacles are nothing compared to self-belief. Seriously, self-belief is like the biggest, baddest and strongest super power. Nothing can stop you now.

How can we start to believe in ourselves?

This is where things start to get real. It's easy to know what the benefits of self-belief are, but gaining self-belief when you don't have any to begin with is actually pretty hard.
From a review of self-help books over the past nine months though, a few common themes to help improve self-belief emerge.

Be your authentic self
Set goals
Build up self-esteem and confidence
Stop negative self-talk

I will be exploring all of these and more over the next few weeks, as well as sharing my tips and tricks to finding self-belief, right here. Don't miss it.

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